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Abstract N°1988

Abstract N°1988


Abstract on canvas.
High quality canvas.

Medium: Acrylic on gallery-wrapped unstretched, cotton canvas

Size: 65" x 65" (165 cm x 165 cm)
This artwork is perfect for a frame with the dimensions 200x150 cm and a depth of up to 4.5 cm.

Mr. Mirghawameddin painted an abstract work with a wiping technique.
In addition, it was decorated with spray paint.
The impressive thing about this work is that Mr. Mirghawameddin uses a special technique to paint a shadow on the various colour objects so that the observer has the impression that they are floating.
In addition, he painted transparent objects, which were also underlaid with a shadow and thus also appear very vivid.
Mr. Mirghawameddin (WERK) has been painting graffiti since the early 90s and combines this know-how with abstract art.
These works in this form are absolutely unique and nowhere else to be found.

The quality of the canvas is museum quality and in a very good condition.
The colours used are professional quality.

If you wish it, Mr. Mirghawameddin can also stretch this work of art.

This is an original abstract acrylic painting on canvas. This abstract painting was created using heavy-body acrylic paints.

© 2020 Parscha Mirghawameddin. All rights reserved.
NOTE: The images in context are not to scale and are for display purposes only.

If you have any questions, or would like a custom painting like this but in different colours or another size, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Parscha Mirghawameddin

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